Python Projects Class XI & XII Downloads

by Engineer's Planet
Download Python Projects for Class 11 and 12

Python Projects For Class 11 and 12 all boards

Python projects for the reference of students have been added for learning purposes. Projects here are mainly Structured Query Language (SQL) based and different case studies based logical Python codes.

Prerequisite installation for running the projects: Python (IDLE), MYSQL, and MYSQL Connector.

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Computer Science Python DBMS Projects, SQL, MySQL.



1.ATM Project Learn more..Download Project
2.Automobile Service Station Learn more…Download Project
3.Bank Management System Learn more…Download Project
4.Book Shop Management System Learn more…Download Project
5.Cable Connection Management System Learn more…Download Project
6.CD and DVD Management System Learn more…Download Project
7.Cloth Store Management System Learn more…Download Project
8.Computer Institute Management System Learn more…Download Project
9.Computer Sales and Service System Learn more..Download Project
10.Courier Service System Learn more..Download Project
11.COVID-19 Data Analysis Project Learn more…Download Project
12.Employee Project Learn more…Download Project
13.Cyber Cafe Management System Learn more…Download Project
14.Daily Travel Booking System Learn more…Download Project
15.Dental Management System Learn more…Download Project
16.GUI_Library Project Learn more…Download Project
17.Hotel Project CSV file Learn more…Download Project
18.Hostel Management System Learn more…Download Project
19.IPL Data Analysis Learn more..Download Project
20.Kaun Banega Crorepati Game Learn more…Download Project
21.Market System and Sales Management Learn more..Download Project
22.Marriage Bureau System Learn more..Download Project
23.Medical Store Management System Learn more..Download Project
24.Medicine Project Learn more..Download Project
25.Clock Dial Learn more..Download Project
26.Railway Reservation System Learn more..Download Project
27.Restaurant Management System Learn more..Download Project
28.School Management System Learn more..Download Project
29.Shoe Billing System Learn more..Download Project
30.Train Reservation System Learn more..Download Project
31.UPSC Registration Information System Learn more..Download Project
32.Vehicle Parking Management System Learn moreDownload Project
33.Snake Game Learn more…Download Project
34.Chatbot Project Learn more…Download Project
35.Student Management System Learn more…Download Project
36.All Number System Conversion Learn more..Download Project
37.Bulk Email Sender Learn more..Download Project
38. Calculator Learn more…Download Project
39.ATM Transaction Using CSV File Learn more…Download Project
40.Automatic Pc File Sorter Learn more…Download Project
41.Bank Management System With MySQL Connection And Tkinter Learn more…Download Project
42. Bank Online Portal python & Sql Connectivity Learn more..Download Project
43.Bank Transaction  Learn more…Download Project
44.Chemistry + Python learn more..Download Project
45.City Hospital learn more..Download Project
46.Banking System Learn more…Download Project
47.Basic Python Tutorial Learn more..Download Project
48.Billing Software Learn more..Download Project
49.Binary-Octal-Decimal Converter  Learn more..Download Project
50.Bookstore Management Learn more..Download Project

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Mastering Python: 10 Snappy Code Tricks to Optimize Your Workflow

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Pradeep Singh April 20, 2023 - 10:01 am

These projects were really useful to me for practicing python on various software. The guys out there were also helpful on this website. Thanks

Kartheeka April 4, 2023 - 11:04 am

Really good information about Class xi and xii Data Science Projects in Python

Engineer's Planet April 4, 2023 - 4:18 pm

Thanks Kartheeka, do visit us again for more interesting project topics for class 11, 12, Btech, Mtech, Thesis and Research Paper assistance and guidance.

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siddharth September 10, 2021 - 10:58 am

wowow! the souce code was falblous

Engineer's Planet April 4, 2023 - 4:48 pm

Hello Siddharth hope you enjoyed it in your syllabus.


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