Student management system

by Kanchan

The  Student management system in Python is suitable for practice. Anyone who is willing to make a project for their final year submission can leverage the source code.

It can be used by students from Class 11 and 12 to develop a custom project for their submissions. An MTechBTech or a PhD aspirant can also take reference of this source code for their final year project. Anyone who is willing to create a unique project can use the asset.

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Introduction to Student management system

A student management system (SMS) is a software application that helps schools and educational institutions manage student data and streamline administrative tasks. SMS can be used to track student progress, generate reports, and provide communication tools for students, parents, and teachers.
Python is a popular programming language for developing SMS applications due to its simplicity, versatility, and large community support. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to develop a student management system project in Python.


The objective of this project is to provide students with a comprehensive and efficient solution for managing their academic records and streamlining their administrative tasks. The project will involve the development and deployment of a Python-based student management system (SMS) that offers a wide range of features, including:

  • Student management: This includes storing and managing student information, such as personal details, academic records, and attendance.
  • Course management: This includes storing and managing course information, such as course name, description, instructor, and schedule.
  • Grade management: This includes calculating student grades, generating reports, and tracking student progress.
  • Attendance management: This includes tracking student attendance, generating reports, and identifying students who are at risk.
  • Communication tools: This includes providing communication tools for students, parents, and teachers, such as email, messaging, and discussion forums.

Proposed project

The proposed Python-based SMS will be developed using the following technologies:

  • Python programming language
  • Django web framework
  • PostgreSQL database

The system will be hosted on a cloud-based platform, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This will ensure that the system is accessible to students from anywhere with an internet connection.
Following are the steps to develop python school management system project-

  • Create Database
  • Importing modules.
  • Initializing window frame
  • Declaring variables and entry widgets
  • Function for fetching data
  • The Function to add, update, delete, clear data
  • Function for fetching the data from selected row
  • Creating buttons
  • Make search frame
  • Create database frame








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