School Management System Project in Python

The creation of a GUI-based school management system is the aim of this. To build this, you will need an understanding between the Tkinter and pymysql libraries as well as a basic understanding of message box and Ttk modules.

Project Prerequisite

The Tkinter library, a random module, and a solid understanding of Python are prerequisites for the School Management System Project. Our programme has GUI functionality thanks to the Tkinter module, which binds to the Tk toolkit.

Download School Management System Code

Please download the source code of Python School Management System from the following link: School Management System Project

Steps to Build a Python School Management System Projec

  • Create Database
  • Importing modules.
  • Initializing window frame
  • Declaring variables and entry widgets
  • Function for fetching data
  • The Function to add, update, delete, clear data
  • Function for fetching the data from selected row
  • Creating buttons
  • Make search frame
  • Create database frame



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