MTech and PhD Thermal Engineering Project List

By: Engineer's Planet

In this story explore our comprehensive MTech and PhD Thermal Engineering Project List, showcasing cutting-edge research topics and innovative solutions in thermal engineering for advanced academic and professional growth.

This explores the impact of additives or techniques used to improve casting quality. This study aims to simulate and analyze the cooling and solidification processes to optimize casting performance and reduce defects.

1. Numerical investigation of transient solidification behavior

It involves creating a sustainable and energy-efficient facility that relies on natural airflow for temperature regulation. Incorporating large openings, strategic building orientation, and advanced ventilation systems, this warehouse minimizes the need for artificial climate control,

2. Design and Development of Naturally ventilated E-Commerce Mega Warehouse

3.  Numerical investigation of drag and list coefficient

It involves a detailed computational analysis to understand how wind forces impact the system’s performance and stability. This study aims to quantify the aerodynamic forces acting on solar panels mounted on uneven ground, providing valuable insights for optimizing their design and placement.

4. Designing and characterization of a high Reynolds number chilled water thermal storage tank

It involves creating a specialized system for efficiently storing and managing chilled water at a large scale. This complex engineering task requires precise design and testing to ensure optimal thermal performance and stratification

Our MTech and PhD Thermal Engineering Project List highlights innovative research and advanced solutions. By exploring these projects, students and professionals can contribute to the field's growth and tackle real-world thermal engineering challenges effectively.