MTech and PhD Thermal Engineering Project List

by Himanshu Garg
Explore a diverse range of innovative project ideas in thermal engineering suitable for MTech and PhD students. Find the ideal research topic to propel your academic journey and career aspirations in this collection.
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1.Numerical investigation of transient solidification behavior of cast with and without feeding aids

Numerical investigation of transient solidification behavior in casting, both with and without feeding aids, explores the impact of additives or techniques used to improve casting quality. This study aims to simulate and analyze the cooling and solidification processes to optimize casting performance and reduce defects.

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2.Design and Development of Naturally ventilated E-Commerce Mega Warehouse

The design and development of a naturally ventilated e-commerce mega warehouse involves creating a sustainable and energy-efficient facility that relies on natural airflow for temperature regulation. Incorporating large openings, strategic building orientation, and advanced ventilation systems, this warehouse minimizes the need for artificial climate control, reducing energy costs and environmental impact while optimizing storage conditions for goods.

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3.Numerical investigation of drag and list coefficient on a fixed tilt ground mounted photovoltaic module system over inclined terrain

The numerical investigation of drag and lift coefficients on a fixed-tilt ground-mounted photovoltaic module system over inclined terrain involves a detailed computational analysis to understand how wind forces impact the system’s performance and stability. This study aims to quantify the aerodynamic forces acting on solar panels mounted on uneven ground, providing valuable insights for optimizing their design and placement.

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4.Designing and characterization of a high Reynolds number stratified chilled water thermal storage tank

The designing and characterization of a high Reynolds number stratified chilled water thermal storage tank involves creating a specialized system for efficiently storing and managing chilled water at a large scale. This complex engineering task requires precise design and testing to ensure optimal thermal performance and stratification, enabling efficient cooling in high-demand applications.

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Heat transfer analysis in compound parabolic collector

Heat transfer analysis in compound parabolic collectors involves studying the mechanisms by which these solar energy devices efficiently capture and transfer thermal energy. It focuses on understanding heat conduction, convection, and radiation within the collector’s unique geometry to optimize energy absorption and conversion processes for solar heating applications.

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6.Development of Thermoelectric cooling system with phase change material

The development of a thermoelectric cooling system with phase change material combines solid-state thermoelectric technology with phase change materials to create an efficient and compact cooling solution. This innovation harnesses the thermoelectric effect to transfer heat across a phase change material, enabling precise and energy-efficient temperature control in applications like electronics cooling and thermal management in various industries.

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7.Numerical investigation on divergent section in orifice of pressure swirl atomizer

Numerical investigation on the divergent section of an orifice in a pressure swirl atomizer involves computational analysis to study the flow behavior and performance characteristics, such as spray pattern and atomization efficiency, in the divergent region of the atomization nozzle. This research helps optimize atomizer design for various applications, including combustion systems and fuel injection processes.

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Parametric Study on Natural Circulation Loop Thermal-hydraulic behavior using Drift Flux Model

A parametric study on natural circulation loop thermal-hydraulic behavior using the Drift Flux Model investigates how varying parameters such as fluid properties, heat source intensity, or geometry impact the performance and stability of natural circulation systems, providing insights crucial for the design and optimization of passive cooling systems in nuclear reactors and other applications.

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9.Design and Optimization of Shell and Tube Waste Heat Boiler with Cold Bypass

The design and optimization of a Shell and Tube Waste Heat Boiler with Cold Bypass involves creating a heat exchange system that efficiently captures and utilizes waste heat from industrial processes. Cold bypass allows for precise control of the heat transfer process, ensuring optimal energy recovery while maintaining temperature stability. This engineering approach enhances energy efficiency and reduces environmental impact in various industrial applications.

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10.Performance Analysis of Multi Field Solar thermal power plantPerformance analysis of a multi-field solar thermal power plant involves assessing the efficiency, energy output, and operational stability of a complex system that uses multiple solar collectors to concentrate sunlight for electricity generation. It evaluates factors such as solar-to-electricity conversion efficiency, heat loss, and overall plant performance to optimize its operation and maximize energy production from renewable sources.Get help

Performance analysis of double pipe heat exchanger

Performance analysis of a double pipe heat exchanger involves assessing its efficiency in transferring heat between two fluid streams. This analysis typically includes evaluating factors like temperature profiles, heat transfer coefficients, and pressure drops to optimize its design and operation for efficient heat exchange applications.

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12.Numerical Analysis of Heat transfer augmentation in a heat exchanger tube using perforated twisted tapes

Numerical analysis investigates the enhancement of heat transfer in a heat exchanger tube through the implementation of perforated twisted tapes, evaluating their impact on heat transfer efficiency and fluid flow patterns within the system.

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Numerical Investigation of Arc Dynamics in low voltage circuit breakers

Edge-preserving image decomposition based on saliency maps is a computational technique that separates an input image into two components: a salient foreground containing high-contrast regions like edges and textures, and a less salient background representing smoother regions. This method is valuable in various computer vision tasks, such as object recognition and image editing, as it helps preserve important details while simplifying the image’s structure.

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14.Characterization of 18650 lithium ion cells for efficient cooling

Characterization of 18650 lithium-ion cells for efficient cooling involves assessing the cell’s thermal behavior and heat generation patterns to optimize cooling strategies, ensuring safe and efficient operation in various applications such as electric vehicles and portable electronics. This process helps enhance battery performance, prolong lifespan, and mitigate potential thermal issues.

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15.Design and Development of Forced Air Cooled Battery Package for Electric Vehicles

The design and development of a forced air-cooled battery package for electric vehicles involves creating an efficient cooling system that uses forced airflow to regulate the temperature of the vehicle’s battery pack. This technology ensures optimal battery performance and longevity by preventing overheating during charging and discharging, enhancing the overall reliability and safety of electric vehicles.

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The investigation aims to analyze the penetration characteristics of both free and submerged liquid jets, exploring factors like jet velocity, fluid properties, and environmental conditions to understand how these jets behave when introduced into different mediums.

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17.Improving Thermal performance of Chilled Water Storage Tank-A Numerical Study

“Improving Thermal Performance of Chilled Water Storage Tank: A Numerical Study” is a research project that utilizes numerical simulations and analysis to enhance the efficiency and temperature control of a chilled water storage tank. This study aims to optimize the tank’s design and insulation to minimize energy consumption and maintain the desired temperature of the stored water.

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18.Design and Thermal Analysis of Energy Storage Tank for Solar Hydrogen Generation Facility with AlSi12 and Molten Salt as Energy Storage Material

The design and thermal analysis of an energy storage tank for a solar hydrogen generation facility incorporate AlSi12 and molten salt as energy storage materials. This innovative system optimizes heat transfer efficiency, utilizing AlSi12 for high-temperature storage and molten salt for long-term heat retention, ensuring reliable and sustainable energy storage in solar hydrogen production.

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Numerical Investigation on Effect of various fin geometries on heat dissipation of traction motors used in electric vehicles

Numerical investigation explores how different fin designs impact the cooling efficiency of traction motors in electric vehicles, providing valuable insights for optimizing heat dissipation and enhancing overall performance.

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20.Determination and control of flow induced vibration in tube bundles of shell and tube heat exchanger

The determination and control of flow-induced vibration in tube bundles of shell and tube heat exchangers involve analyzing and mitigating mechanical oscillations caused by fluid flow. Engineers use advanced modeling and design techniques to predict and minimize vibration effects, employing measures like structural reinforcement, damping materials, and flow adjustments to ensure the stability and reliability of these heat exchange systems.

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21.CFD Analysis of Gas Turbine Blade tip cooling for enhancement of heat transfer characteristics

CFD analysis of gas turbine blade tip cooling is a computational approach used to optimize the cooling mechanisms of gas turbine blades. It aims to improve heat transfer characteristics by simulating fluid flow and heat transfer processes near the blade tip, ultimately enhancing turbine efficiency and reliability.

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22.Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer Characteristics of Pulsating Turbulent Flow in a Straight Circular Pipe

The numerical investigation examines the heat transfer characteristics of pulsating turbulent flow within a straight circular pipe. This study employs computational methods to analyze how flow fluctuations impact heat transfer rates in the pipe, providing insights into its thermal performance under dynamic conditions.

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Optimization of Thermal and Mechanical Design of Steam Drum and Design of Internals

The optimization of the thermal and mechanical design of a steam drum, along with the design of its internals, involves a systematic approach to enhance the efficiency and safety of steam generation systems. This process seeks to balance heat transfer efficiency, structural integrity, and fluid dynamics within the drum, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in steam-based industrial applications.

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24.Numerical investigation of flow over a square cyclinder in presence of short plate

The optimization of thermal and mechanical design of a steam drum involves enhancing its efficiency and structural integrity for steam generation systems. Simultaneously, the design of internals focuses on creating an efficient configuration of components inside the drum to improve heat transfer and steam quality, ultimately maximizing the overall performance of the system.

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25.Numerical investigation on the heat transfer rate of the Helical Coil Heat Exchanger

Numerical investigation on the heat transfer rate of the Helical Coil Heat Exchanger involves using computational methods to analyze and optimize the efficiency of this heat exchanger design, helping engineers and researchers understand how it performs under various conditions and how to enhance its heat transfer capabilities.

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Numerical Investigation to optimize the CO2 finned gas cooler for refrigeration system

Numerical investigation involves using computational simulations and mathematical models to optimize the design of a CO2 finned gas cooler within a refrigeration system. This process aims to enhance the cooler’s efficiency, cooling capacity, and overall performance, helping reduce energy consumption and environmental impact.

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27.Station blackout analysis of Indian pressurised heavy water reactor

Station blackout analysis of an Indian Pressurised Heavy Water Reactor (PHWR) involves studying the safety measures and emergency response protocols in place to ensure cooling and prevent core damage in the event of a complete loss of offsite power, emphasizing the resilience and reliability of the PHWR design under extreme conditions. This assessment is crucial for evaluating the reactor’s ability to withstand prolonged power disruptions and maintain safety.

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28.Optimum Baffle Segment Configuration for Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger: A Numerical Analysis

The Optimum Baffle Segment Configuration for Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger: A Numerical Analysis is a research study that uses numerical methods to determine the most efficient arrangement of baffles within a shell and tube heat exchanger. By analyzing various configurations, it aims to identify the optimal design for enhancing heat transfer efficiency in these common industrial heat exchange systems.

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29.Numerical Analysis of flow through a 3-Dimensional Channel pertaining Porous Medium with varying boundary conditions
Numerical analysis of flow through a 3-dimensional channel in a porous medium involves using computational methods to study fluid dynamics within complex porous structures. This research explores how different boundary conditions, which can vary in space and time, impact fluid flow and transport phenomena, providing insights into real-world applications such as groundwater flow, oil reservoir modeling, and filtration processes.
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Analysis of Air Quality In A Laboratory Equipped With Split Ac

The analysis of air quality in a laboratory equipped with a split air conditioning system involves assessing the effectiveness of the HVAC system in maintaining proper ventilation, temperature, and humidity levels. This evaluation helps ensure a controlled and healthy environment for experiments and research, minimizing potential contaminants and ensuring the safety of personnel and sensitive equipment.

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31.Numerical Investigation of Flow Behavior In Plate Heat Exchangers with Different Surface Profiles

The numerical investigation of flow behavior in plate heat exchangers with different surface profiles involves using computational methods to analyze and understand how various plate designs impact the fluid flow patterns and heat transfer efficiency within the heat exchanger. This research helps optimize heat exchanger performance for diverse industrial applications by exploring the influence of surface geometries on thermal efficiency and fluid dynamics.

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