Machine Design Project Topics List 2024

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the latest machine design project topics for the year 2024. In this curated list, we present abstracts and base papers that delve into innovative projects shaping the field of machine design. From leveraging cutting-edge materials to embracing advanced computational techniques, these projects represent the forefront of machine design research and development.

S.No.List of the Project
1.Design Optimization of Leaf Spring using Response Surface Optimization
2.Thermal Analysis and Design Optimization of Disk Brake using ANSYS
3.Fatigue Life analysis of tube flange T shaped weld joint
4.Thermal Analysis of IC engine cylinder fins to study cooling characteristics
5.Rigid Body Analysis of Robotic Arm using Creo and ANSYS
6.Vibration Analysis of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine using ANSYS
7.Weight Reduction of Automobile Component using Topology Optimization Technique
8.Weight Reduction of Robotic Arm using Topology Optimization Technique
9.Design and Thermal Analysis of Exhaust manifold using CFD
10.Design Optimization of Air Compressor Intake Valve using ANSYS

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