Mtech Construction Management Project Topics

Construction Management Project Ideas for Civil Engineering, BTech, MTech and PhD Final Year Students.

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S.No.List of the Project
1.An Investigative and Experimental Study into the Effects of Terazyme on the Improvement of Black Cotton Soil
2.Enhancing the Bituminous Properties by Employing an Appropriate Fiber
3.Use of Fly Ash in Structural Concrete as Part of an Effort Towards More Sustainable Construction
4.Strength Characteristics of Pond Ash Treated with Lime for Mine Void Filling
5.Granular Subbase Material in Pavement Comprised of the Optimum Mix of Recycled Concrete Aggregates and Blast Furnace Slag
6.Utilization of GGBS and Fly Ash in the Stabilization of Red Mud
7.The Strength Enhancing Effect of Chopped Glass Fibres in Concrete Tiles
8.An examination of red mud’s potential use as a building material via the lens of bioremediation

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