B.Tech Project Topics in Civil Engineering for 2024

By: Engineer's Planet

Embark on a journey of innovation with our curated collection of B.Tech project topics in Civil Engineering for 2024, designed to push the boundaries of transformative research. Each project topic is meticulously paired with a base paper and an abstract, offering a comprehensive resource for MTech students keen on exploring the latest trends in the dynamic field of Civil Engineering. MTech Projects in Civil Engineering

Utilizing machine learning algorithms to forecast ideal cement quantities, enhancing sustainability in concrete structures by minimizing material waste and environmental impact, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

1. Machine learning predictions for optimal cement content

Investigating the dynamic behavior of concrete columns strengthened with Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) through segment pressure method, aiming to enhance structural resilience and seismic resistance in retrofitting strategies for existing infrastructure.

2. Dynamic performance of concrete columns

3. Soil-Structure Interaction and Near Fault Pulse-like Earthquakes

Examining how soil interacts with structures and the impact of near-fault pulse-like earthquakes on isolated bridges' seismic responses, enhancing understanding for designing resilient infrastructure against seismic events.

4. .Enhancing the Seismic Response of Residential RC Buildings

Improving seismic performance of residential reinforced concrete (RC) buildings by implementing innovative base isolation methods, mitigating earthquake effects through isolating structures from ground motion, ensuring occupants' safety and structural integrity.

5. Dynamic behavior and seismic response of structures

Investigating the dynamic characteristics and seismic performance of structures utilizing low shape factor bearings for isolation, aiming to optimize structural resilience against seismic forces while minimizing construction costs and space requirements.

In conclusion, the B.Tech project topics in Civil Engineering for 2024 reflect a diverse range of research endeavors aimed at addressing contemporary challenges and advancing the field. These topics encompass innovative solutions for enhancing structural resilience, sustainability, and seismic performance, contributing significantly to the evolution of civil engineering practice.