Tensorflow Based Projects for Final Year

Tensorflow Based Project Ideas for BTech, MTech and PhD Final Year.

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Project TopicsProject DetailsData Set
1. AnomaData (Automated Anomaly Detection for Predictive Maintenance)Know MoreDownload
2. Find Default (Prediction of Credit Card fraud)Know MoreDownload
3. DocAssist (Building Intelligent Medical Decision Support System)Know MoreDownload
4. For-rest from Fires (Fire Detection Model using Deep Learning)Know MoreDownload
5. MoodforMusic (An Intelligent Mood Detection and Music Recommendation Application)Know MoreDownload
6. NutriGro (Building a Recommender System)Know MoreDownload
7. Propensity (Propensity Model to identify how likely certain target groups customers respond to the marketing campaign)Know MoreDownload
8. Recommender (Build intelligence to help customers discover products they may like and most likely purchase)Know MoreDownload
9. Fault Find (Build intelligence using Machine Learning to predict the faulty tyre in manufacturing)Know MoreDownload
10. Intensity Analysis (Build your own model using NLP and Python)Know MoreDownload

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