Automatic Pc File Sorter Python Project

File management is something that we deal with almost everyday. Imagine one day you want to sort the files to folder according to its extension. This will be a very difficult and time consuming task. Look at your downloads directory it is filled with different files and you sometimes need to search for a specific file, this will take you a long time. But if it was made easy. With one click of mouse you a sort them in no time. How is this even possible??

Python programming allows us to create programmes that force us to divert our attention from file searches. With the assistance of this programme, we will be able to easily locate files by simply looking at their extension as they will be sorted by file extension. Imagine that all of the music files are in the mp3 folder, which will make us easier to locate if you need one.

Python is a very good programming language that has everything in it. I personally like python because you can almost do everything in it. Python has many modules that help to make more programs. Python can also be used in automating our day to day tasks.

If you are told to find a particular file in this folder (or maybe an even larger folder with thousands of files), you will be stuck and become completely dumbstruck. It might be very tough (even impossible) to find a file from this ocean of mess. This problem can be solved using Python with a few lines of code. Let’s see how can we do this.

You should have some basic knowledge of python to continue



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