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Final Year MTech Power System Projects

  • Drives Projects
  • Power Quality Projects
  • Solar Power Generation Projects
  • Wind Power Generation Projects
  • Micro Grids Projects
  • Hybrid Systems Projects
  • Distribution Systems Projects
  • Power System Project using MATLAB

MTech Power System Project Topics With Abstracts [Get Help]

1.Interconnected AC Microgrids Operation with Dynamic Active and Reactive Power TuningAbstract
2.Solar PV Integrated UPQC-P for Critical Loads: Dynamic PerformanceAbstract
3.Two Switched Impedance Network Enhanced-Boost Quasi-Z-Source InvertersAbstract
4.Using a hybrid, estimate the state of charge for an LFP batteryAbstract
5.Voltage Level and Stability Estimation, Control, and Prediction at the Receiving NodeAbstract
6.Sensors for Fault Detection and Protection of Induction MotorsAbstract
7.MPPT for a Wind Energy Conversion System Using Fuzzy LogicAbstract
8.PV-Wind-Battery-Based Grid-Connected Bidirectional DC-DC Coupled Multi-Input TransformerAbstract
9.Grid-connected VSI Protection from Grid-side Faults based on VoltageAbstract
10.Flying Capacitor Multilevel Inverter Reduces Harmonic Loss in High-Speed Motor Drive SystemsAbstract
11.Grid-tied Power Control and Storage Reduction in AC Microgrids with Hybrid Electric SpringsAbstract
12.Microgrid Integration With Hybrid Energy Storage Systems To Improve Power Quality Making Use of Four LegsAbstract
13.Zeta Converter Hybrid ModelAbstract
14.Infrastructure for improved energy storage management and PV-active power controlAbstract
15.Dynamic Reconfiguration Based on InputAbstract
16.Investigation of VSI-Fed IM Drives’ Transient Performance UsingAbstract
17.Boost to the max Controlling a Diode-assisted Buck-boost Voltage Source Inverter with the Fewest Number of DiodesAbstract
18.Bidirectional DCDC Converters and ACDC Interlinking Converter Model Predictive ControlAbstract
19.Reference Model BLDC Motor Speed Control Using Neural Adaptive ControlAbstract
20.Simulation And Modeling Of A Single Side Short Stator Linear Induction Motor With The End EffectAbstract
21.Solar wind energy modelling and simulation for smart grid integrationAbstract
22.Modeling and Stability Analysis of Droop Controlled Islanded DC MicrogridsAbstract
23.Smart Grid Integration Modeling and Control of a Grid-connected PV SystemAbstract
24.Transformer-less UPFC modulation and controlAbstract
25.Current Source Inverter with Multiple LevelsAbstract
26.Multilevel Current Source Inverter for Balanced Unbalanced PV sourcesAbstract
27.Optimal Placement and Parameters Based on Multi-Objective PredictabilityAbstract
28.Single-phase Boost Mode with Non-linear PWM Control Photovoltaic Inverter with Grid ConnectionAbstract
29.Design of a Novel Multilevel InverterAbstract
30.Multi-Objective Demand Side Object-Oriented Usability IndicesAbstract
31.Under Continuous-Time Model Predictive Control, Offset Free Direct Power Control of DFIGAbstract



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