Solar wind energy modelling and simulation for smart grid integration

The complexity of the system and the increasing demand for electricity make power grid analysis and control crucial. The transition from the legacy system to the new smart grid has increased the need to monitor and manage a huge number of sensors, actuators, new types of distributed energy sources, and new types of loads. The smart grid will be able to track, distribute, and manage data on business operations as well as actual activities thanks to the integration of human activity. A useful tool for analyzing system behavior, calculating energy consumption, and forecasting future states in this context is modeling and simulation. In this study, Active Power Analysis in MATLAB/SIMULINK has been carried out. The range of maximum permitted loads that can be connected to the bus bars can be found using an analysis of active power. This study investigates how the value of Active Power varies with load angle variation using a tiny signal analysis methodology. With the help of the Smart Grid, which makes use of a two-way flow of electricity and information, automated energy delivery networks can be built.

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