Single-phase Boost Mode with Non-linear PWM Control Photovoltaic Inverter with Grid Connection

This study proposes a one-phase boost mode solar grid-linked inverter with limited storage inductance current managed by nonlinear pulse width modulation. Numerous studies are conducted on the circuit architecture, control strategy, steady-state principle properties, and design standards for important circuit parameters for this kind of inverter. The inverter’s regenerating energy duty ratio 1-D, which decreases with the decline in grid-connected voltage, is changed in real-time by sampling and feeding back the inverting bridge modulation current in order to produce high-quality grid-connected current. By connecting a bypass switch in parallel with the energy storage inductance, switching patterns like the “boost” and “freewheeling” patterns can be used to adjust and balance the voltage step-up ratio. A single-stage boost conversion, high grid-connected current efficiency and waveform quality, a low value of energy storage inductance, and straightforward control are just a few of the benefits of the 1 kVA 110 VDC/220 V50 Hz solar grid-connected inverter prototype that has been revealed through analysis and experimentation.

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