Interconnected AC Microgrids Operation with Dynamic Active and Reactive Power Tuning

A collection of contemporary generating sources, storage infrastructure, and loads can be combined to create microgrids in a relatively small area. Theoretically, due to their independence, microgrids might operate at the voltages and frequencies they like. In order to connect them to the primary grid or another microgrid without depending on quick communication links, interconnecting power converters are subsequently needed. This paper makes the suggestion that two or more separate microgrids operating at various voltages and frequencies could be connected using a distributed power management technique. While interconnected converters can concentrate more on meeting the reactive demand of the load, microgrid sources can concentrate more on producing active power. If it becomes required, an overloaded microgrid can take backup active power from an underloaded microgrid to serve loads greater than its rated capacity. The recommended approach has already proven successful through experimentation.

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