MTech Project Topics for Final Year 2023-24

We assist and guide MTech students in completing their final year projects on time with a unique and custom approach. Our expertise covers all M.Tech domains including ECE, EEE, CS & IT, and others for your final year MTech Project Topics.

Grab guided assistance on your dream MTech project covering all domains and custom-made solutions

As a student pursuing MTech, you may face various challenges while completing your final year project. But, with our assistance, we aim to make the process smoother and stress-free. We give edge-to-edge solutions in customizing your dream project to your needs. Our team of experts has extensive experience in various technical domains and is dedicated to providing you with the best guidance and support to ensure that you meet your project deadline and customization needs.

List of MTech project topics 2023-24

At Engineer’s Planet, we are covering all the major branches for your MTech project. Find the list of some major topics relevant to your MTech projects.


ECE | Electronics and Communication Engineering Project Topics for MTech
Microelectronics & VLSI Design ECE ProjectGet Help
Telecommunication Engineering ECE ProjectGet Help
Electronics Design and Technology ECE ProjectGet Help
Wireless Communication ECE ProjectGet Help
Signal Processing ECE ProjectGet Help
Robotics ECE ProjectGet Help
Embedded Systems ECE ProjectGet Help
VLSI System Design ECE Project [e.g. project]Get Help
Radio Frequency and Microwave Engineering ProjectsGet Help
EEE | Electrical Engineering Project Topics for MTech
Power Electronics EEE ProjectsGet Help
VLSI Design EEE ProjectsGet Help
Embedded Systems EEE ProjectsGet Help
DSP/DIP/Machine Learning EEE ProjectsGet Help
Communications Based Projects EEE ProjectsGet Help
Computer Science & IT Project Topics for MTech
Artificial Intelligence CS & IT ProjectGet Help
Cloud Computing CS & IT ProjectsGet Help
Machine Learning CS & IT ProjectsGet Help
Computer Network / Information Security / WSN / MANET / VANET CS & IT ProjectsGet Help
Internet of Things (IoT) CS & IT ProjectsGet Help
Image Processing Based CS & IT ProjectsGet Help
Python Based CS & IT ProjectsGet Help
Java-Based CS & IT ProjectsGet Help
Data Mining CS & IT ProjectsGet Help
Instrumentation and Control MTech Project Topics
Process Control ProjectsGet Help
Industrial Electronics ProjectsGet Help
Controllers and Optimization Algorithms ProjectsGet Help
Robotics and Automation ProjectsGet Help
Mechanical Engineering
Detect and Track a Man Overboard at SeaGet Help
Ultra-low-power loT node developmentGet Help
Hack Embedded System by Glitching AttacksGet Help
Motorbike Visual RecognitionGet Help
Thermal Engineering ProjectsGet Help


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