Renewable Energy Based IEEE Projects for EEE with Abstract and Base Paper

by Himanshu Garg

In the realm of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE), the integration of renewable energy sources has catalyzed a transformative shift towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. As the global community increasingly prioritizes green energy solutions, the role of EEE professionals in advancing renewable energy technology becomes crucial. Within this expansive domain, IEEE projects emerge as cornerstones of innovation, providing a platform for exploration and experimentation. This article delves into the realm of IEEE projects tailored specifically for EEE enthusiasts venturing into the dynamic field of renewable energy.

Bridging Theory and Practice: Renewable Energy Projects for EEE Enthusiasts.

IEEE projects serve as catalysts for innovation, offering EEE enthusiasts the opportunity to delve into the diverse and impactful field of renewable energy. From solar power systems to wind energy conversion, these projects encompass a wide array of topics critical for the advancement of renewable energy technology. Each project integrates theoretical concepts with practical applications, providing hands-on experience essential for future professionals in the field. With abstracts and base papers readily available, aspiring engineers can embark on a journey of discovery, uncovering insights that have the potential to reshape the future of energy consumption and production.

Project Topics

Base Paper

1.Control of Photovoltaic Inverters for Transient and Voltage Stability Enhancement Get helpDownload
2.Solar based Electric Vehicle Charging Circuit in G2V and V2G modes of Operation Get helpDownload
3.Distributed Incremental Adaptive Filter Controlled Grid Interactive Residential Photovoltaic-Battery Based Microgrid for Rural Electrification Get helpDownload
4.Grid Interactive Solar PV Based Water Pumping Using BLDC Motor Drive Get helpDownload
5.Modelling and Voltage Control of the Solar- Wind Hybrid Micro-Grid with Optimized STATCOM Get helpDownload
6.Performance Evaluation of Wind Energy Conversion Systems Employing Space Vector Controlled Doubly-Fed Induction Generators Get helpDownload
7.Power Factor Correction of Three-Phase PWM AC Chopper Fed Induction Motor Drive System Using HBCC Technique Get helpDownload
8.Reliability evaluation of MPPT based interleaved boost converter for PV system Get helpDownload
9.Modeling and Simulation of a Gearless Variable Speed Wind Turbine System with PMSG Get helpDownload
10.Photovoltaic Module-Integrated Stand-alone Single-Stage Switched Capacitor Inverter with Maximum Power Point Tracking Get helpDownload
11.Series Compensator Based on Cascaded Transformers Coupled With Three-Phase Bridge Converters Get helpDownload
12.Single-phase solar grid-interfaced system with active filtering using adaptive linear combiner filter-based control scheme Get helpDownload
13.ACMC-based hybrid AC/LVDC micro-grid Get helpDownload
14.High Efficiency Bridgeless Single-Power-Conversion Battery Charger for Light Electric Vehicles Get helpDownload
15.An Induction Generator-Based AC/DC Hybrid Electric Power Generation System for More Electric Aircraft Get helpDownload
16.Control strategy of switching regulators for fuel-cell power applications Get helpDownload
17.Development of a Bidirectional DC/DC Converter with Dual-Battery Energy Storage for Hybrid Electric Vehicle System Get helpDownload
19.Mathematical Modelling of an 3 Phase Induction Motor Using MATLAB/Simulink Get helpDownload
20.Maximum Power Point Tracking For a PMSG Based Variable Speed Wind Energy Conversion System using Optimal Torque Control Get helpDownload
21.Modeling and Simulation of Incremental Conductance Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Algorithm for Solar PV Array Using Boost Converter Get helpDownload
22.Power Flow Improvement in Transmission Line Using UPFC Get helpDownload
23.Power Quality Improvement in Micro Grid System using Fuzzy – UPQC ControllerDownload
24.Simulation and modeling of STATCOM and WINDFARM in transmission line using MATLAB and analysis of bus voltageDownload
25.Simulation Of Three Phase Multilevel Inverter With Reduced Number Of SwitchesDownload
27.Sizing of a VRB Battery Based on Max-Min Method of Power Dispatch in a Wind-PV Hybrid SystemDownload
28.Voltage Regulation in Distribution Networks using Fuzzy Logic Controller- A Case Study Get helpDownload

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