Voltage Level and Stability Estimation, Control, and Prediction at the Receiving Node

This article is about the voltage stability of receivers. Voltage stability and level are concepts that are inseparable. Although this is a good indicator that you are close to the stability limit, this is not always the case. When voltage is regulated, inconsistencies can occur. This regulation affects the regulated voltage levels and voltage stability conditions. Therefore, it is advisable to monitor and forecast the voltage stability margin. The article provides basic information about local power stability and the impact of power regulation on stability conditions. It is recommended that stability conditions be calculated using local information and that this parameter be included in the regulatory processes. The stability margins are calculated using local online measurements and the range of change in Thevenin model parameters derived from offline research. The IEEE 14-bus test system (ATP-EMTP) and a node model with voltage regulation were used for the simulations (Matlab).

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