Investigation of VSI-Fed IM Drives’ Transient Performance Using

This paper investigates the transient response of VSI-fed induction motor drives using vector and volt/Hz control approaches. It is important to remember that the speed of a three-phase induction motor is inversely proportional to the line frequency when one is used. Voltage source inverter-fed induction motor drives are increasingly used in industrial applications where a high transient response is required. These systems have been improved by recent significant advances in semiconductor and power electronics. As a result, several circuit designs have become popular and have attracted the interest of researchers, including multilayer inverters. A three-phase voltage source inverter is used to supply the drives of AC with a continuously variable voltage and frequency. Space Vector PWM (SVPWM) is becoming increasingly popular due to its simpler digital implementation and DC better bus consumption. Using simulation results, the transient response of VSI-fed induction motor drives was analyzed using vector and volt/Hz control techniques in MATLAB/SIMULINK environments.

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