PV-Wind-Battery-Based Grid-Connected Bidirectional DC-DC Coupled Multi-Input Transformer

This study provides a hybrid approach to PV/wind/battery system control. A transformer-coupled bidirectional DC-DC converter is used to control the power flow. The proposed system is designed to meet the power demand, control the power flow from multiple sources, inject excess power to the grid, and charge the battery from the grid when needed. A transformer-coupled forward half-bridge converter is used to harvest wind energy, while a bidirectional buck-boost converter and battery charge/discharge management is used to harvest PV energy. A single-phase bidirectional full-bridge converter feeds AC loads and connects them to the grid. The advantages of the proposed converter architecture include a smaller number of components and lower losses compared to grid-connected hybrid systems. This improves the efficiency and reliability of the system. According to the MATLAB/Simulink simulation results, the proposed power flow management control technique works well under a wide range of operating conditions. Extensive experiments show that the system can be operated in a variety of modes, demonstrating the utility of the topology and the effectiveness of the proposed control technique.

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