Basic Python Tutorial

  1. Install Python:
  2. Hello, World! Program:
    • Create a .py file, e.g.,
    • Write: print("Hello, World!").
    • Run in the terminal: python
  3. Variables and Data Types:
    • Variables hold data.
    • Data types: str, int, float, bool.
  4. Data Structures:
    • Lists: Ordered collections.
    • Dictionaries: Key-value pairs.
  5. Control Flow:
    • if-else: Conditional statements.
    • for loop: Iterate over a sequence.
  6. Functions:
    • Define with def.
    • Reusable blocks of code.
  7. User Input:
    • input() function for user interaction.
  8. File Handling:
    • Write: open("file.txt", "w").
    • Read: open("file.txt", "r").

This provides a basic understanding of Python programming. Explore further by diving into advanced topics and projects as you become more comfortable with the basics.




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