Project On Computer Institute Management System

The  Computer Institute Management System in Python is suitable for practice. Anyone who is willing to make a project for their final year submission can leverage the source code.

It can be used by students from Class 11 and 12 to develop a custom project for their submissions. An MTechBTech or a PhD aspirant can also take reference of this source code for their final year project. Anyone who is willing to create a unique project can use the asset.

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Introduction to Computer Institute Management System

  • Let the user choose the course, number, and name they want to use.
  • Allow the administrator to change a candidate’s name and course and to delete an enrollment.
  • Let the user see all the information.

Objectives Of The Project

This project aims to demonstrate to students how programming knowledge contributes to the development of high-quality software by allowing them to apply their knowledge to a real-world circumstance or problem.

  • Develop applications using innovative software.
  • When developing small to medium-sized projects, effectively apply object-oriented programming concepts.
  • Create effective procedural code to address minor to moderate issues.
  • Students will demonstrate an in-depth comprehension of computer science in the areas of systems, theory, and software development.
  • Students will demonstrate the capacity to conduct research or an applied computer science project. This will require writing and presentation skills reflective of the academic style in computer science.

Suggestive System

One cannot rely on flawed people in today’s fierce competition, where “to err is human” is no longer true. Furthermore, it is no longer appropriate to excuse one’s mistakes. To keep up with the times, achieve the best results without any issues, and increase productivity, the endless heaps of flies have been replaced with a computer’s hard drive.

Use of the data management tool is required. More and more businesses have failed as a result of software. With so many technological options available, businesses could operate more quickly and effectively. Data administration used to require a lot of ledger upkeep and paper work, but software technologies have made their work more productive and labor-intensive. The only tool required to complete work on the computer at the moment is this application.

This results in significant time and financial savings. All business-related information is accessible by pressing a button, and the process is fully automated. Moreover, automating a business improves its reputation because we live in a technological age.

System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

With the help of the systems development life cycle, big projects can be broken down into smaller, easier-to-handle steps. Before assigning resources to later parts of a project, managers can make sure that earlier parts have been completed successfully.
Software development projects often include the phases of starting, planning, designing, developing, testing, implementing, and maintaining. But the way the phases are split up may depend on the organization.

Stages In The Life Cycle Of A System Development

The First Phase

When a company sponsor sees a need or an opportunity, this starts the Initiation Phase.

During the Initiation Phase, the goals are to:

  • Find and confirm a gap that affects a business need or a chance to improve the business success of the organization.
  • Describe the most important assumptions and limits that affect possible solutions to the problem.
  • Encourage the use of other ideas and methods to meet the demand. For example, would a updation in the way business is done solve the problem?
  • Make sure there is support from both the technical side and the top level. In a Concept Proposal, the business need is laid out, and the Sponsor picks a Project Manager.
  • Plan stratégique as well as infrastructure.

Phase Of Developing The Idea Of The System

There must be a business need or opportunity before the System Concept Development Phase can begin, according to the Agency/Organization Program Leadership and Agency/Organization CIO.

During the System Concept Development Phase, the goals are to:

  • Check to see if the options are possible and good.
  • Learn to use the system’s interfaces.
  • Find out what data and functions are needed to meet the needs of the business.
  • Describe the system’s boundaries, goals, objectives, critical success criteria, and performance metrics.
  • Look at the costs and benefits of the different ways to meet the basic functional needs.
  • Find and evaluate project risks
  • Figure out and start taking steps to reduce risk
  • Make a high-level model of the process, data, and operations, as well as the technology architecture. During this phase, research is done on a number of technological options based on what the business needs.
  • One example of a trade-off decision is the choice to use COTS software products instead of making custom software or recycling software components. Another thing to think about is whether to use incremental delivery instead of a full deployment all at once.
  • When evaluating technology to help run a business, it is suggested that functional prototypes be made. The Information Technology Project Request (ITPR) process needs the System Boundary Document as a reference.
  • Before the project can move forward, the State CIO must sign off on the ITPR.

Pictorial Representation Of SDLC:


Computer Institute Management System Project(2)

(After enrolling 3 candidates)

Computer Institute Management System Project(3)

Installation Process:

  1. Install “python-3.4.0” in your device (if you do not have Python).
  2. Install “My SQL” in your device (if you do not have My SQL).
  3. Run the file “” in your PC to create a database
  4. Run the file “cims_create_table” in your PC to create a table.
  5. Run the file “” in your PC to work on our management system.
  6. For further more details on how to use our software, please read “Project – Class 11 – Computer Institute Management System Project”.

Software Requirements:

  • Windows OS
  • Python


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