Courier Service System

The goal of this project is to specify a group of operations that support a courier service. The pickle and OS modules will be imported in the manner described below:

import pickle
import os

Pickle module

You can serialize and reserialize Python objects, like lists and dictionaries, to and from a byte stream using the pickle module in Python. When you wish to send data over a network or store it in a file, this is helpful. An object can be “pickled” to create a byte stream that can be written to a file or transmitted over a network. You can then use Python to “unpickle” the byte stream and recreate the original object.

Since the pickle module is part of Python’s standard library, using it doesn’t require installing any extra packages.

The OS module

One pre-installed Python module that offers functions for interacting with the operating system is called the “os” (operating system). It lets you to do things like create and remove directories, read and write to files, and run shell commands.

Let’s make the functions required for this project.




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