Railway Reservation System Project Python

  1. Simple Ticket Reservation System project is written in Python. Ticket Resevation.py, a Python script, is included in the project file. This is a straightforward console-based system that is incredibly simple to use and comprehend. When it comes to the system, its very basic features include the ability to make reservations and check the status of PNRs. This small project does not have a login function. This implies that he or she is unrestrictedly able to use all of the features that are available.
  2. He or she can easily view all reserved tickets in this straightforward system. The user must enter their name, age, gender, and the quantity of tickets they would like to reserve. The quantity of inputs required by the system varies based on how many tickets the user enters. The user is able to check the status of PNRs with this Simple Ticket Reservation System. One of the easiest ways to reserve tickets is with this straightforward console-based ticket reservation system. This small project does not have a database connection to store or retrieve user data permanently.
  3. You need to have Python installed on your computer in order to execute the project. This straightforward console-based system was created with beginners in mind. You can download the source code for the Simple Ticket Reservation System in Python project for free. Use only for educational purposes! View the image slider below to see the project demo.


  1. Verify the PNR status.
  2. Get Tickets in Advance



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