Every multi-specialty hospital consists of a system to maintain its facilities include doctors list, equipments list, and other consumables within the campus. It is manually operated and controlled with certain procedures and routines. It has several threats such as data sharing, human error in maintenance which leads to serious effects. To monitor the working of the physical system is based on the Ibeacon technology. In this work an computerized version of the physical system, has been developed named as “Hospital monitoring System”. The main aim of this proposed work is to make the hospital as a paper-less hospital up to 90.9%. And also this system providing inexpensive and reliable computerization of the existing systems. This proposed work also shows excellent security of details at every level of user-system communication and also provides strong & reliable storage and backup services. In this regard a technology called “Ibeacon Technology” has been introduced and it is implemented in this work. And also this paper explained the working the of iBEACON technology and it can able to facilitate and monitoring the patients health status

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