Anti Theft Control of Automatic Teller Machine Using Wireless Sensors

This paper addresses the security of the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM).The previous methods are having some disadvantages and the robbery has been continued. The objective of the paper is to know the Enhanced smart ATM security system which is developed using Proteus software and advanced technologies. To avoid money theft in the ATM and for protection of the machine, this project approaches some new methodologies using sensors and controllers. Moreover, this project analyses the security systems in the automatic teller machine. In the future, suspicious activities and robbery of thieves will be avoided. For the bank authority, it will be useful for the implementation of their customer services through ATM installation. On the other hand, the footage of the camera in the ATM room can be protected from damage. Still, the robbery in the ATM has been continued even number of protections is there. All the surveillance systems will be monitored successfully by this methodology. Hence the proposed system is the highly secured system for ATMs.

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