Experimental study on footstep power generation system using piezoelectric sensor

In this article it is suggested that voltage should be produced using footstep power. The proposed device acts as a tool by using pressure to generate electricity [7], [8]. For public locations like bus terminals, malls, train stations, shopping centers, etc., this article is very useful. Therefore, these devices are installed in public situations where people are walking, and they have to ride on this device in order to pass through or live. Such systems will then produce voltage about each and every move of a foot. To this reason piezoelectric sensor is often used to calculate power, stress and vibration via its transformation into electrical signals. This method provides voltmeter for performance measurement, led lamps, mass measuring device and batteries for better machine demonstration. If pressure is acted to a piezoelectric sensor, it can transform the pressure into electrical energy. The current voltage in the motion is stored in batteries. The output power generated from its sensor is used to move DC charges. Here we use AT89S52 to demonstrate how much battery gets charged. What’s more, a Wifi-enabled IoT system uses how often voltage generation from the source of the signal. Using the users’ IoT-based tracking, the data can be used to gain power they intend.

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