Frequency reconfigurable quad band patch antenna for radar and satellite applications using FR-4 material

In this article a novel design of compact lowcost quad band reconfigurable antenna resulting in frequency switching capabilities, is presented. For designing of antenna FR-4 material is used as a substrate and a thin copper sheet is used for patch and ground plane of antenna. The operating frequency of the antenna is 9.92–21.20 GHz. The four resonant frequencies of the antenna lies in standard IEEE microwave bands of X (8–12 GHz), Ku (12–18 GHz) and K band (18–27 GHz).This antenna is a modified version of its wideband counterpart which provided the wide bandwidth. The multiband property is obtained by the inclusion of the cross slot in the patch. The antenna is made reconfigurable by parasitic elements with shorted pins. This antenna is switched between the resonant frequencies by the different combinations of PIN diodes. The input impedance of the antenna is matched perfectly to that of the …

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