Design of circularly polarized irnss receiver antenna using characteristic mode analysis

In this research paper, a circularly polarized IRNSS (Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System) receiver antenna is presented using the characteristic mode analysis (CMA) technique. The proposed antenna has been designed for S-band application (2483.50- 2500.00 MHz) with 16.5 MHz bandwidth for IRNSS receiver application. CMA technique has been used to determine the optimum feed location on antenna to obtain circular polarization (CP) for excitation of two orthogonal modes (TM10 and TM01) with equal in amplitude and 90 o out of phase. The proposed antenna uses probe feed configuration and design using dielectric laminates FR4 (dielectric constant is 4.3 and loss tangent is 0.025). The axial ratio bandwidth (<; 3 dB) of the proposed antenna is obtained from (2431.4 to 2562 MHz). The aim of this antenna to improve the technology of designing of antenna so as small in size miniaturization, less …

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