Design of dual band millimeter wave antenna using SIW material for 5G cellular network applications

The design of dual band millimeter wave antenna, based on SIW (substrate integrated waveguide) material for 5G cellular network is presented. The structure is designed to operate at 28 GHz and 38 GHz for 5G cellular network applications. With aid of two slots the unidirectional radiations characteristics can be achieved. The dual band characteristic is excited by 50 Ω microstrip feed line to SIW antenna. The proposed design has two slots and connected using two different orientations along longitudinal and transversal direction to the feed. The longitudinal slot produces single band of 28 GHz with bandwidth of 982 MHz (27.488 GHz to 28.47 GHz) and along the transversal slot single 38 GHz band with bandwidth 354 MHz (37.843 GHz to 38.197 GHz) is achieved. The gain of the proposed antenna at 28 GHz is 7.05 dB and for 38 GHz band gain is 8.32 dB. The proposed antenna is designed using RT/duroid 5880 …

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