An Improved Voltage follower Canonical Switching Cell Converter with PFC for VSI Fed BLDC Motor

This paper describes a power factor improvement of canonical switching converter for BLDC motor by using voltage follower technique. In this paper (BLCSC) Bridge Less Canonical Switching Cell Converter runs in a discontinuous inductor current mode. Due to this near unity power factor is obtained. The DC link voltage at the front end of VSI fed BLDC motor is changed to control the speed of the motor with the help of PFC converter. From the above action, VSI which works in a fundamental frequency switching when it is electronically commutated minimizes the switching losses. Conduction losses are also reduced by eliminating the DBR circuit in CSC configuration in the existing system. The proposed arrangement provides a considerable improvement in the performance when the result is being matched up with the existing system. Execution of proposed drive is certified by the observed results from the modified model simulated using PROTEUS.

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