Tri-band Elliptical Patch Antenna for GPS and IRNSS Applications

A compact tri-band antenna for Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver applications is presented. It consists of slot multiple slot loaded elliptical radiator, microstrip feed line, and conventional ground plane. The antenna is designed on Rogers RT5880 substrate having relative permittivity of 2.2 and loss tangent 0.0009. The volume of this antenna is 250 × 200 × 2.2 mm3. It operates over three frequency bands L5 (1.1603–1.1686 GHz), L1 (1.5708–1.5804 GHz), and S (2.4816–2.5124 GHz). The reflection coefficient of proposed antenna as −16.739 dB, −13.478 dB, and −34.038 dB at frequencies is of 1.16484 GHz, 1.576 GHz, and 2.496 GHz, respectively.

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