Top 7 Electrical Project Ideas for Engineers

Top 7 Electrical Project Ideas for Engineers

Engineers are constantly looking for ideas to work on, and discovering interesting tasks makes their search worthwhile. These carefully chosen electrical project ideas are straightforward, and entertaining, and include a few smaller projects as well. 

These project kits can be used by EEE students for their capstone projects. Here are a few suggestions for electrical engineering project ideas for these types of engineers.

1. Design of HVDC Power Supplies

High-voltage direct-current (HVDC) supplies are needed for circuits like sensors, Geiger counters, insect zappers, and Nixie tubes.

HVDC supplies come in a variety of forms, such as voltage doublers or quadruples, flyback converters, and boost converters.

2. Auto Anchor Lighting

Boats are required by federal and international standards to carry lights during dusk, dawn, and in low visibility situations. 

The size of the vessel affects the quantity and colour of light. Being too high above the water, a masthead anchor light is out of date. 

This project is an automated anchor light that is small, affordable, and integrated with an ambient light sensor. It automatically turns on and off.

3. An IR motion-detecting relay switch

This project is made to work with a variety of 12V DC medium-power home and automotive loads. It is a basic passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor module-controlled solid-state relay (SSR) switch.

An electronic gadget called a PIR sensor may detect the IR light that objects in its area of view are emitting.  

4. Budget-Friendly Dusk-Dawn Controller

A light-dependent resistor, together with other components, forms the basis of this twilight switch.

 The common battery supply is utilised to power LED and tiny inverter circuits as well as to operate the circuit. 

In the circuit, resistors serve as current limiters and voltage dividers.  

5. Four Frequency Generator

TTL and CMOS signals from steady frequency sources are required for the design, testing, and upkeep of digital and analogue electronic circuits. 

Oscilloscopes, probes, multimeters, frequency metres, and other measuring tools can all be quickly checked using these sources. 

6. Circuit Breaker with Password Protection

In the event of an overload or short circuit, the circuit breaker guards against damage to electrical circuits. Its primary job is to identify fault conditions and stop current flow. 

The circuit breaker is opened or closed by a relay once the password is input on a keypad, which is represented by a lamp.

7. Multi-mode Audio Amplifier for 4 Channels

For experiments, or for use in workplaces or educational institutions, we occasionally need programmable multichannel amplifiers.

 Here is a project based on the TDA1554Q that has four-channel outputs and is set up for multi-mode operations.

 Each of its four channels has a power output of approximately 11 W over a load of 2 ohms and approximately 6 W over a load of 4 ohms.

That’s it for today guys! See You at the next one.

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