Face Recognition System using PCA-ANN Technique with Feature Fusion Method

Biometric technology plays a vital role for providing the security which is imperative part in secure system. Human face recognition is a potential method of biometric authentication. This paper presents a process of face recognition system using principle component analysis with Back propagation neural network where features of face image has been combined by applying face detection and edge detection technique. In this system, the performance has been analyzed based on the proposed feature fusion technique. At first, the fussed feature has been extracted and the dimension of the feature vector has been reduced using Principal Component Analysis method. The reduced vector has been classified by Back propagation neural network based classifier. In recognition stage, several steps are required. Finally, we analyzed the performance of the system for different size of the train database. The performance analysis shows that the efficiency has been enhanced when the feature extraction operation performed successfully. The performance of the system has been reached more than 92% for the adverse conditions.

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