Top Aerospace Engineering Colleges in India

by Navya Gupta
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Aerospace Engineering is a field of engineering concerned with the development of spacecraft and aircraft. It deals with the design, development, testing, and production of aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, and other weaponry. Aerospace Engineering is one of the leading engineering fields of the future, with extensive applications in the worlds of aviation, space technology, and defence. In this blog, we will dive into the top aerospace engineering colleges in India, which will have a key role in shaping the future of aviation and space technology. Apart from aerospace engineering, here are some other top engineering fields in demand.

Aerospace Engineering Colleges

Ranking of top Aerospace Engineering Colleges in India

Aerospace engineering is an upcoming branch of engineering with extensive future applications. Despite its immense potential, students in India remain unaware of this growing field. Currently, only a limited number of colleges offer this course in the country. As one of the leading fields of engineering and branches of study for the future, Aerospace Engineering serves as a beacon of cutting-edge research and innovation. There has been a consistent upward trajectory in the salary trends, indicating a robust demand for skilled professionals in this arena. Here is a list of the top aerospace engineering colleges in India.

IIT Madras-Indian Institute of Technology

IIT Madras is an Institute of National Importance, administered by the IIT Council. The Government of India established it in 1959 as the third IIT in the country. The Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, secures the 1st position in the NIRF Ranking 2023 for the fifth consecutive time. The institute established the Department of Aerospace Engineering in 1969, which leads the way in both fundamental and applied research and development. Within this dynamic field, the institute offers an array of course-based programs, including M.Tech., Dual Degree, and B.Tech. Graduate research programs like the Ph.D. and Master of Science are also made available, facilitating in-depth exploration and specialization.

Min8 lakh
Median17 lakh
Max66.3 lakh

Recruiting Companies

Adobe | Amazon | American Express | Flipkart | Google | Intel | ITC Ltd. | JP Morgan Chase | Microsoft | Samsung | Schlumberger | Wipro

IIT Bombay-Indian Institute of Technology

IIT Bombay is the second of its kind, set up with foreign assistance. The Government of India established it in 1958, and it was decreed as an Institute of National Importance in 1961. It has emerged as one of the top technical institutes in the world. The Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, secures the 4th position in the NIRF Ranking 2023. The Aerospace Department of IIT Bombay inculcates a culture of creativity and excellence. Undoubtedly, it prepares future engineers and scientists to contribute to the economic growth and development of the country, producing talented individuals who provide manpower as well as support R&D work for industries.

Median15 lakh
Average17.9 lakh

Recruiting Companies

ACCENTURE | Analog Devices | Apple | CITI Bank | Google | Hindustan Unilever | HONEYWELL | IBM | ISRO | ITC | L T | Mahindra Group | Microsoft | ONGC | Qualcomm | Reliance | Samsung | SONY | UBER | Vedanta

IIT Kharagpur-Indian Institute of Technology

The first Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Kharagpur, was established in Hijli, Kharagpur, in 1950. The Indian Parliament granted the Institute of National Importance status to the Indian Institute of Technology (Kharagpur) by passing the Indian Institute of Technology (Kharagpur) Act on September 15, 1956. The Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, secures the 7th position in the NIRF Ranking 2023. The Department of Aerospace Engineering was established in 1965 to impart knowledge in various aspects of aircraft and space technology. The Department of Aerospace Engineering offers B.Tech, Dual degree, and M.Tech. programs in Aerospace Engineering. Additionally, it provides research programs, and MS, joint M.Tech-PhD, and Ph.D. degrees as well.

Median1.5 lakh

Recruiting Companies

CapGemini | Cipla | Cognizant | Genpact | IBM | ICICI | just dial | Oil India Limited | YesBank

Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology-(IIEST) Shibpur, Howrah

IIEST Shibpur earned the distinction of being the first college in India to be transformed into an Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST). Established in 1856, the Government of India has recognized it as an Institute of National Importance under the MHRD. Currently, it holds the NIRF Ranking of 35 in Engineering. The Aerospace Department started an undergraduate program in aerospace engineering in the academic session 2010 –11. Furthermore since the 2014–2015 academic year, the department has offered a 5-year dual degree (B. Tech. and M. Tech.) and a 4-year B.Tech. curriculum in Aerospace Engineering, as well as postgraduate programs in Mechanics of Solids and Mechanics of Fluids.
Median7.2 lakh

Recruiting Companies

Daikin | Ericsson India | IBM | Indian Oil | ITC Ltd. | Microsoft | Mjunction | MU Sigma | pwc

Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology-(IIST), Thiruvananthapuram

IIST operates autonomously under the Government of India’s Department of Space. The concept for such an institute emerged in response to the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), one of the world’s top scientific bodies involved in space research and applications in the aerospace industry. The institution is the country’s first of its type, providing high-quality education at the undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and post-doctoral levels in subjects such as space sciences, space technology, and space applications. Presently, it holds the NIRF Ranking of 48 overall. It aims to become a center for knowledge and innovation in Aerospace Engineering, inspiring future engineers to explore the unknown and compete on a national and international level.

Median8 lakh
Max10.5 lakh

IIT Kanpur-Indian Institute of Technology

In 1959, the Government of India founded IIT Kanpur. It has secured the 5th position overall in NIRF Ranking 2023. The Aerospace Engineering Department of IIT Kanpur boasts an experience of more than 40 years. Additionally, the department specializes in futuristic streams of aerodynamics, propulsion, and flight dynamics. Truly, it has emerged as one of the top colleges for aerospace engineering in India.


Recruiting Companies

American Express | Deloitte | Flipkart | Goldman Sachs | Google | Hindustan Unilever | Indian Oil | Intel | NTPC


The emerging field of Aerospace Engineering offers an exciting frontier for modern engineering and its future applications. In today’s exponentially growing world, it has taken center stage as a premier field that promises to propel the world forward. This captivating area of study is bound to captivate students due to its intriguing nature. As the demand for efficient and sustainable aerospace solutions continues to soar, this field is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of aviation, space exploration, and the broader aerospace industry. These institutes in India set the standard for Aerospace Engineering instruction. They are pioneers in this field, and studying in any of the above-mentioned colleges is an incredibly prestigious opportunity.

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