How to prepare for a B.Tech/M.Tech Mock Test with AI?

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Mock tests are a stepping stone to crack your actual exam. Whether you have zero clue about your exam or want a challenge, mock tests help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. Here, we discover how AI can help you prepare for a mock test with a focus on B. Tech and M. Tech exams, to help you gain the confidence you require. You can find tips to prepare for entrance exams here.

AI – The Heart of the 21st Century


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The day we learned to replicate human intelligence is the day humanity evolved. Artificial Intelligence (shortened to AI), is humanity’s most significant achievement this century. From Alexa to your smart TV, AI has become an irreplaceable part of life for many. The sheer potential of AI has made never before seen possibilities come to life. What were once laboring and tedious jobs, are now easily accomplished using AI. You don’t need to scour through books to find out the year George Washington died; you could just google it. Need to remember to wish your aunt on her birthday? You could ask Siri to set a reminder.

The fact that AI is still an emerging field, but has achieved so much would make you wonder what it could do next. Students can now use AI to help write their essays and prepare for presentations. The era of hard work is long gone; smart work is the new key to success.

AI consists of a multitude of algorithms that are categorized based on their functions and capabilities. The main fields of AI are listed below:

Machine Learning

The largest and most common field, it helps create models that identify patterns and make predictions. Usually, developers have to explicitly state instructions in order for their model to perform a task. As opposed to that, Machine Learning allows the computer to learn and reorient itself to provide the results we require.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Enables machines to interpret and generate human languages. Extensively used in speech recognition, text-to-speech and translation services

Computer Vision

Helps machines interpret visual data and extract information from it. For example, it is used in helping cameras detect speeding vehicles and store information about them.

Neural Networks

Using the neural network of the brain as a blueprint, a field of AI has been developed which identifies patterns, processes complex data, and makes decisions. These neural networks are used by deep learning models to analyze huge databases and identify patterns.


An interdisciplinary field combining AI, electronics, and mechanical engineering, robotics is used to automate manual tasks usually performed by humans.

Expert Systems

They are systems that are extensively trained to provide expertise in specific fields, such as education and medicine.

How can AI help prepare for mock tests?


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As we have seen, AI can be used in a number of different situations. To help you gain a head start on your preparation for your B. Tech/M. Tech mock test, we have prepared a few ways you could utilize AI to secure that seat. Firstly, identify the main subjects your test will be on. Engineering tests usually consist of questions in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Logical Reasoning. You may also need to prepare for special subjects like Biology or Computer Science in case you opt for a respectively-related degree. Here are some ways you can prepare for a mock test with AI:

AI-Generated practice questions

AI-powered platforms like Quizlet are equipped with thousands of questions pertaining to a certain field. Moreover, it also provides a function that allows you to make flashcards for quick reference. Other platforms like Opexams allow you to paste text, which the AI interprets and comes up with questions for you to answer. Some of them even come with in-built timers which can also help you with time management. If you have time on your hands, you could also build a model using Machine Learning and feed it numerous engineering questions, so it generates a random set of questions based on the subject of your liking, for you to work on.

Summarize Content

When there is a lot of content on your hands and you want just the important information, a summarizing tool can help you shorten the workload and just give you the juicy bits. Tools like Quillbot provide not only a summarizing tool but also a paraphrasing tool among many others. This is especially helpful when you’re doing last-minute revisions and need to brush up on the main points of a topic.

Performance Analysis

Using Expert Systems, a trained AI can help you identify what topics you’re good at, and where you fall short. This is extremely helpful as it gives a personalized summary which would help you divide your focus based on what parts you need to improve. You can then allot more time to spend on topics that you aren’t good at.

Adaptive Learning Platforms

Search for platforms that analyze your performance and adjust their algorithm to give you more questions pertaining to your weaknesses to help you improve.

Clear your doubts

The amount of social media platforms that allow you to ask questions is overwhelming. Why not utilize that to clear your doubts? Post your questions on platforms like Chegg and get real-time solutions from experts worldwide. You could also use websites like Quora and Reddit, although they aren’t exclusively for educational purposes. Connect with teachers and professors and get your doubts cleared before you continue your academic journey.

Understand concepts

We’ve all been there – it’s your 6th time reading the same paragraph in hopes that your brain finally gets its ‘aha’ moment. But it isn’t working. Using Natural Language Processing, websites like ChatGPT can dumb it down for you, so you can finally move on from that topic. Some AI can also give you visual as well as audio aids for better understanding. Models and simulations are an engineer’s best friends. Educational YouTube channels use 3D simulations to help you comprehend difficult-to-visualize concepts.

AI isn’t all you need, unfortunately.

Although only a few have been named, AI can be used in numerous ways to prepare for your mock test. That is to say, AI isn’t your end to all solution for exam prep. The best approach would be to combine traditional methods of preparing for your mock test with these techniques to ensure that you do your best. Studies have shown that you do a significant part of your studying in the first lecture about a topic (if you pay attention, of course). After all, nothing can beat the learning you do in a classroom with your instructor and peers. Your textbooks and lecture notes will definitely be your best pals. Use AI to only enhance your learning experience. With proper discipline and dedication, you will be all set to crack your B. Tech/M. Tech mock tests in no time!


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