Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Multilevel Inverter with configurational parameters for power quality applications

Present inverter technology which is occupied by power electronic circuit faces real-time challenges such as switching loss, conduction loss and voltage stress which appears across the switch. The control implementation for the solar-powered PV system is integrated with multilevel inverter (MLI) to lessen the number of semiconductor switches which is introduced in this investigation. The proposed system is compared with well resounded conventional methodologies for comparative analysis. This paper is accomplished with both symmetrical and asymmetrical configuration of the modified multilevel inverter which is incorporated using MATLAB Simulink. The modified multilevel inverter was designed for a 5-level inverter in symmetrical configuration and 11-level inverter in asymmetrical configuration with control circuitry to produce corresponding output voltage level by proper utilization of switching devices. The simulation verification is done for the proposed system in order to check its feasibility.

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