Fault Identification and Islanding in DC Grid Connected PV System

Nowadays, the DC distribution system has been suggested, as a replacement for the AC power distribution system with electric propulsion. This idea signifies a fresh approach of issuing energy for low-voltage installations. It can be used for any electrical application up to 20 MW and works at a nominal voltage of 1000 V DC. The DC distribution system is just an extension of the multiple DC links that previously available in all propulsion and thruster drives, which typically comprise more than 80% of the electrical power consumption on electric propulsion vessels. A fault detection and islanding scheme for DC grid connected PV system is presented in this paper. Unlike traditional ac distribution systems, protection has been challenging for dc systems. The goals of this paper are to
classify and detect the fault in the PV system as well as DC grid and to isolate the faulted section so that the system keeps operating without disabling the entire system. The results show the measured values of power at PV panel and DC grid side under different fault condition, which indicates the type of fault that occurs in the system.

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