Analysis the Performance of Embedded ZSI Fed Induction Motor Under Semiconductor Failure Condition

In traditional inverters, if any one of the switches is failed due to short circuit or open circuit, it is too difficult to get the continuous power and the amplitude of the output waveform also changed. It causes the power quality issues and production also affected in industrial applications. In PWM techniques, the traditional inverters have single control to obtain the desired output voltage, wherein Z-source inverter, the two control strategies are independent of generating the required output in the form of AC voltage. Hence it is necessary to get a continuous power supply to the load without interruption. In this work, various dual Z-source inverters are analyzed to provide a solution for power quality issue during a faulty condition. In traditional inverters, there are many barriers, for example, high change in waveform deformation and change in output power during a faulty condition. These barriers can be overcome by introducing Z-source inverter; during the ride through condition, this inverter maintains the required waveform and power. Its performance can be analyzed and simulated during normal and faulty condition using MATLAB simulink

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