Extraction and conversion of exhaust heat from automobile engine in to electrical energy

The ever increasing demand for energy is leading to rapid depletion of our resources. Inspite of the advancement in renewable technology. It is therefore important that the available energy conserved and utilized efficiently. In automobiles about 60-70% of energy out of the total heat supplied by fuel is dissipated as waste heat and just about 30 to 40 percent is transformed into useful mechanical work [1-3].This paper focus on the recovery and utilization of waste heat into useful electrical energy by using Seebeck effect where in Thermoelectric Generators (TEG) are placed on the exhaust surface for converting heat directly into electrical energy. Thermoelectric generators are highly doped semiconductor solid state devices. The voltage throughput of the thermoelectric generator is given to a dc super lift converter circuit. The output of the super lift converter is used for battery charging

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