Precise temperature control using reverse seebeck effect

It is an innovative concept, in which semiconductor element is used for thermal considerations. Thermoelectric material such as Bismuth and Tellurium is used to made semiconductor elements. This process is carried on the principle of reverse process of Seebeck effect. In this paper, the wall is constructed of using two semiconductor metal junctions. This wall automatically adopted with atmosphere based on the signal from temperature sensor. Thermal consideration process is achieved by reversing the current direction of power source. In versatile wall, a high power DC source is used to supply the power. In this paper the temperature range is maintained between 18°C to 45°C. This temperature control system consists of mode selection button, microcontroller, Optocoupler with relay, high amps DC source and Semiconductor element wall. By pressing mode button we can choose the required mode and that information is taken to microcontroller through port 1. The 12 V relay is connected in port 2 through Optocoupler in order to provide isolation between control and power side. There are two more relays we can change the current direction to bimetal semiconductor elements. For forward direction of current flow heating process is carried on. In same way cooling process is also carried on by changing the current in reverse direction. The bimetal semiconductors get power from external high amps powersource.

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