Enhancement of image retrieval by using colour, texture and shape features

Content based image retrieval technique is done by three primitive methods namely through color, shape and texture. This paper provides specified path to use these primitive features to retrieve the desired image. The technique by which we obtain the required image is CBIR. In CBIR first the HSV color space is quantified to obtain the color histogram and texture features. Using these components a feature matrix is formed. Then this matrix is mapped with the characteristic of global color histogram and local color histogram, which are analysed and compared. For the cooccurrence matrix between the local image and the images in the database to retrieve the image. For extracting shape feature gradient method is used here. Based on this principle, CBIR system uses color, texture and shape fused features to retrieve desired image from the large database and hence provides more efficiency or enhancement in image retrieval than the single feature retrieval system which means better image retrieval results.


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