Part-Time Jobs and Internships: Earning While Studying Mechanical Engineering

by Samriddh Kumar Singh
Part-Time Jobs and Internships: Earning While Studying Mechanical Engineering

If you are currently a mechanical engineering undergrad in India, looking to make use of mechanical skills while studying to earn some extra income. Part-time jobs and internships are exactly what you must strive to achieve as it not only give an opportunity of self-reliance for a bachelor but also gives valuable work experience. In this article, we talk about options for part-time jobs and internships in the field of mechanical engineering, discuss the skills needed to secure these positions, and provide real-life references to help you kick-start your journey toward achieving it.

Scope of Mechanical Eng. in part-time jobs and internships.

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We all know mechanical engineering is among the fundamental branches of various sub-engineering branches, including manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, instrumental, and various others. Hence, as a mechanical student, you must aim to blend theoretical knowledge with practical applications inside the real world to get deep-rooted educational and career possibilities. Part-time jobs and internships offer exactly that for mechanical engineering, i.e., a way to apply classroom learning to real-world problems and build a profound network with our industry. Having such a wide scope of applications, it’s not difficult to get these opportunities if guided correctly.

Skill Set for Getting Part-time Jobs and Internships:

To provide a part-time job, recruiters and companies require certain skill sets, which are generally industry application software tools and skills. These tools and skills ought to be honed, to grab these part-time jobs or internships.

  • Technical Knowledge

    A strong foundation in your core mechanical engineering subjects is essential. The fundamentals of thermodynamics, mechanics, fluid mechanics, and materials science are important and needed for clarity of concepts.

  • Computer-Aided Design(CAD)

    As mentioned. A software-proficient candidate will be prioritized in the selection process due to ongoing dependency on simulation tools for manufacturing. Some of them include CAD software like AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and CATIA, you can get more depth knowledge from here.

Image portrays a simulation process on a CAD tool .

Image Credit – ko pra


  • Analytical Abilities

    Mechanical engineers are problem solvers. Develop analytical and critical thinking skills for solving complex real-world engineering issues.

  • Communication Skills

    Effective communication, written as well as verbal, is something each company demands. This is crucial for presenting ideas and collaborating with various team members.

  • Creativity

    Innovation and creativity sets a candidate apart. Employers always value an individual who thinks outside the box and devises innovative solutions.

  • Time Management

    A student who balances academics and work are excellent time managers, which is itself a valuable skill in corporate areas. Take a look at this article about time management using AI tools.

Domain Options for Part-Time Jobs for Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineers enjoy a diverse domain of engineering applications, hence getting a part-time job becomes relatively easy. Let’s look into some domains which provide direct applications for mechanical engineers.


Image portraying mechanical manufacturing and production process. Portrays job roles at part-time jobs and internships.

Image credit – university guide

1. Manufacturing and Production

Part-time work in a manufacturing or production setting gives students an experience in hands-on aspects of mechanical engineering. Roles mainly involve quality control, assembly line supervision, or process optimization.

2. CAD Design and Drafting

Students with strong CAD skills get the upper hand over other candidates in part-time opportunities dealing with design and drafting. Companies often need assistance in creating detailed drawings and models for various projects.

3. Research and Development(R&D)

R&D positions offer a chance to work on cutting-edge technologies and innovations. In such a setting, students have an opportunity to hone their research skills and deepen their understanding of topics.

4. HVAC and Building Services

Description of HVAC system and its working. One of major domains in mechanical engineering

Image credit- gyan

Part-time jobs in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) and building services provide hands-on experience in designing and maintaining heating and cooling systems.

5. Automotive and Aerospace

Part-time jobs in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) and building services provide hands-on experience in designing and maintaining heating and cooling systems.

Company References for Part-Time Job Opportunities

To give you a head start in your search for part-time jobs, here I have compiled some real companies in India that often have vacancies for mechanical engineering students. Keep a note of these companies, they are quite popular ones and even offer a handsome package:

1. Tata Motors:

We all know Tata Motors is among the leading automobile manufacturers, hence a goldmine for students to see internships and part-time roles. Major job roles for mechanical engineers include automobile design and simulation-related work. Check out their LinkedIn page and career portals for the latest updates.


Larsen&Toubra enegy and power machienery. Vast opportunities of part-time jobs and internships in mechanical field

Image credit- L&T Heavy Engg.

2. Larsen&Toubro:

Another multinational conglomerate, L&T, with diverse businesses, including engineering services and construction. They work all across India in diverse fields like design, information tech, construction, and power. Students with core knowledge of mechanical engineering can opt for L&T Power, where they are developing heavy machinery required in thermal power plants.


3. Ashok Leyland:

Ashok Leyland is a major player in the commercial vehicle industry, providing opportunities for mechanical engineering students in automobile design specifically. Students with knowledge of fluid mechanics, kinematics, and dynamics of machines will surely find good job roles here.


4. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL):

BHEL is a prominent engineering and manufacturing company offering internships and part-time roles. The major workforce here works on the management of electrical devices. Therefore, students with a strong background in thermodynamics, thermal management of Electronics, and electrochemical energy systems will surely ace any opportunities here.


References from Part-time Job Descriptions

Here are some excerpts from job descriptions of actual mechanical engineering positions I found on some job portals, to give you an idea of the skills and responsibilities employers seek:

a. Mechanical Design Engineer (Sample Job Description)

“A student with a strong background in mechanical engineering and expertise in CAD software, such as SolidWorks, will be an ideal candidate. Responsibilities will include designing and testing mechanical systems, collaborating with cross-functional teams, and creating detailed drawings.”

b. R&D Intern (Sample Job Description)

“We seek motivated mechanical engineering students with a passion for research and innovation. The intern is required to work on projects related to new product development, testing, and data analysis.”

Image portrays R & D work at a heavy machinery company

Image Credit – Ziprecruiter

Some FAQs 

Here I have cumulated some of the most frequently asked questions on job portals and websites like Quora. Hope this will address some of your doubts.

Q: Can I balance a part-time job with my academic commitments as a mechanical engineering student?

Absolutely! Many students successfully manage part-time jobs while pursuing their studies. Good time management and prioritization skills are key to maintaining a healthy balance.

Q: How can I show my CAD skills in my resume for part-time job applications?  

You can create a dedicated section in your resume highlighting your proficiency in specific CAD software and any relevant projects you have completed. Use projects which you can explain diligently, this will give you an upper hand in interviews.

Q: Are part-time internships paid or unpaid?

Both options exist. Some companies offer paid internships to compensate students for their time and effort, while others provide unpaid opportunities focused on skill development. Paid or unpaid, it will surely give you an industrial exposure.

Q: Can part-time internships lead to full-time job offers?

Without a doubt! Most companies use internships as a pipeline for identifying talented individuals, and exceptional performance during an internship can lead to full-time job offers.

Q: How can I make the most of my part-time job experience as a mechanical engineering student?

Actively engage in projects, seek mentorship, and build a strong professional network. These experiences will enhance your resume and broaden your horizons.


Part-time jobs and internships offer incredible opportunities for mechanical engineering students in India to earn while learning and gain valuable industry exposure. By developing the essential skills sought after by employers and exploring diverse domains within mechanical engineering, students can lay the foundation for a successful and fulfilling career. Remember to leverage real company references and job descriptions to make informed decisions, and embrace the challenges and learning opportunities that come your way.

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