Matlab Simulink Project Topics With Abstracts and Base Papers 2024

The article “MATLAB Simulink Project Topics With Abstracts and Base Papers 2024” serves as a comprehensive guide to cutting-edge projects within the MATLAB Simulink framework, providing readers with insights into the latest advancements in engineering applications. The curated list covers diverse domains such as control systems, signal processing, communications, and more, offering a broad spectrum of project topics. Each project is accompanied by detailed abstracts and references to base papers, facilitating a deeper understanding of the underlying concepts and methodologies. In the realm of control systems, the projects delve into various aspects of modeling, simulation, and control design, showcasing how MATLAB Simulink can be leveraged to address complex challenges in this field. The inclusion of signal processing projects highlights the application of Simulink in areas like digital signal processing, image processing, and audio signal processing, demonstrating its versatility in handling diverse data types.

M.Tech Projects Topics List In Matlab Simulink

Project TopicsBase PaperAbstract
1. Digital Twin Model of Electric Drives Empowered by EKF. Get HelpDownloadAbstract
2. An Innovative Converter less Solar PV Control Strategy for a Grid Connected Hybrid PV/Wind/Fuel-Cell System Coupled With Battery Energy Storage. HelpDownloadAbstract
3.Modeling and Simulation of a PI Controlled Shunt Active Power Filter for Power Quality Enhancement Based on P-Q Theory. Get HelpDownloadAbstract

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