Artificial Intelligence Project Topics With Abstracts and Base Papers 2024

Embark on a journey through the latest in technology with our M.Tech Computer Science projects, designed for the dynamic field of Artificial Intelligence. Explore intelligent systems, machine learning, and innovative solutions—from natural language processing to computer vision—offering a glimpse into the future of technology. Each project title represents months of dedication, research, and hands-on experimentation, demonstrating both theoretical knowledge and practical skills essential for success in computer science. We invite you to browse through our projects, each of which stands as a testament to the passion and commitment of our students in leveraging Artificial Intelligence to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Join us on this exploration of the future as we unveil the projects that merge the worlds of Computer Engineering and Artificial Intelligence.

 M.Tech Projects Topics List In Artificial Intelligence

Project TopicsBase PaperAbstract
1. A hybrid approach for face recognition using a convolutional neural network combined with feature extraction techniques. Get HelpDownloadAbstract
2. Modeling of an artificial intelligence based enterprise callbox with natural language processing and machine learning algorithms. Get HelpDownloadAbstract
3. HE-YOLOv5s:Efficient Road Defect Detection Network. Get HelpDownloadAbstract
4. Automated Pavement Crack Segmentation Using U-Net-Based Convolutional Neural Network. Get HelpDownload Abstract
5. A Distributed Multi-Sensor Machine Learning Approach to Earthquake Early Warning. Get HelpDownloadAbstract
6. Towards a Human-like Open-Domain Chatbot. Get HelpDownloadAbstract
7.Towards an open-domain chatbot for language practice. Get HelpDownloadAbstract
8.EfficienDet: Scalable and Efficient Object Detection. Get HelpDownload Abstract
9.Artificial intelligence for diagnosis and grading of prostate cancer in biopsies: a population-based, diagnostic study. Get HelpDownloadAbstract
10.Artificial intelligence in radiology: 100 commercially available products and their scientific evidence. Get HelpDownload Abstract
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