The Invisible Struggle: Mental Health of Engineering Students

by Kartika Musle

The pressure placed on engineering students is something we have probably heard about and seen in the case of several engineering students, whether they are our friends or we have seen engineering-related movies. We never considered the possibility that engineering students’ mental health was being negatively impacted by their academic burden. Let’s go further to discover more about the Mental Health of Engineering Students.

The Invisible Struggle

Invisible Struggle: Mental Health of Engineering Students

Many young people in our nation choose to pursue engineering or IITs, which is undoubtedly an excellent career choice, but have we ever given it any thought? How does peer pressure affect the mental health of Engineering students?
The majority of engineering colleges place more of an emphasis on students’ theory knowledge and examinations than on students’ practical knowledge and learning, which will be helpful in the long run.

Issues Impacting the Mental Health of Engineering Students:

1. Academic Stress:

Engineering students face tremendous academic stress as a result of a difficult curriculum, tricky tasks, and high expectations.

2. Loneliness & Isolation:

Individual study and project work in engineering colleges can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness, negatively damaging mental health.

3. Competitive Space:

The strong competitiveness among students can create a high-stress environment, encouraging anxiety and negatively impacting mental health.

4. Short deadlines and Huge Workloads:

Constant deadlines and big tasks add to the pressure, allowing barely any time for relaxation and self-care for Engineering students.

5. Improper Work-Life Balance:

Engineering students sometimes struggle with finding a healthy balance between academic and personal duties, resulting in burnout and stress.

6. The Stigma of Mental Health:

Students may be discouraged from seeking help or addressing their problems openly due to the stigma associated with mental health disorders.

7. Financial Pressure:

The cost of college as well as financial demands can add a further layer of stress, affecting engineering students’ mental health.

8. Social Support Is Limited:

Stress and loneliness can be increased by a lack of reliable social support networks within the academic setting.

9. Failure Anxiety:

Fear of not meeting academic expectations or failing projects can place considerable mental health on engineering students.

10. Sleep Deficiency:

Irregular timetables, late-night study sessions, and the pressure to meet deadlines can all lead to insufficient sleep, which can have a negative influence on the mental health of Engineering students.

Types of Mental Health Issues Engineering Students face

Engineering students, like other people, may experience a variety of mental health issues. Here are some of the most common mental health disorders that engineering students may face.

1. Stress:

Stress as Mental Health issue in engineering students


Symptoms: Excessive tension, irritation, difficulties concentrating, changes in sleep habits, and physical symptoms such as migraines or stomachaches.


2. Anxiety Issues:

Anxiety Issues as Mental Health issue in engineering students

Symptoms: Excessive worries, restlessness, muscle tension, tiredness, difficulty sleeping, and, in extreme cases, panic attacks or anxiety attacks.


3. Depression:

Depression as Mental Health issue in engineering students

Symptoms: Constant sadness, decreased interest in activities, changes in dietary and sleep structures, lack of hope, and low energy


4. Imposter Disorder:

Imposter Disorder

Symptoms: Continuous self-doubt, a sense of weakness despite wins, fear about being identified as a failure, and referring success to luck rather than skill.


5. Burnout:

Burnout Depression as Mental Health issue in engineering students

Symptoms: Emotional tiredness, decreased performance, feelings of hopelessness or detachment, and a sense of failure or lack of accomplishment.


6. Loneliness & Isolation:

Loneliness and Isolation as Mental Health issue in engineering students


Symptoms: Avoidance from social activities, feeling distant from others, and a lack of interest in creating or maintaining relationships.


7. Sleep Issues:

Sleep Issues as Mental Health issue in engineering students


Symptoms: Insomnia, Hypersomnia, abnormal sleep patterns, and fatigue during the day.


8. ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder):


ADHD as Mental Health issue in engineering students

Symptoms: lack of focus, hyperactivity, impulse control, obstacles in organizing tasks, dementia, and problems managing time.


9. Disorders of Eating:

Disorders of Eating as Mental Health issue in engineering students

Symptoms: Changes in eating patterns, obsession with body weight, excessive dieting, or participating in unhealthy eating practices are all symptoms.


10. Abuse of Substances:

Abuse of Substances as Mental Health issue in engineering students

Symptoms: Increased use of substances (alcohol, drugs) as a stress reliever, ignoring duties, and a decrease in academic or personal performance.

11. Anxiety in Social Situations:


Anxiety in Social Situations as Mental Health issue in engineering students

Symptoms: Fear of judgment, avoidance of social situations, physical symptoms of anxiety in social settings, and difficulties developing or sustaining friendships are some.


To tackle or avoid these types of mental health issues in the first place Students should create numerous problem-solving strategies that will assist them in sorting out the problem by planning, evaluating, understanding, and applying it, resulting in less stress and managing a high workload.

Overcoming the Struggle: The Support Options for Mental Health of Engineering Students

Support Options for Mental Health of Engineering Students

1. Campus Counseling Services: A Source of Hope:

Many educational institutions give counseling services to students who are experiencing mental health issues.
This allows students to discuss and share their issues with a professional psychologist or a counselor, who then assists them in finding appropriate treatments for the students, which serves as a form of moral support to the students.

2. Peer Support Networks: Breaking the Isolation Barrier:

For engineering students dealing with mental health issues, Colleges should form a social club or community of students who may sit together and share their issues with one another, making them feel less isolated and their minds feel much lighter.

3. Mental Health Awareness Campaigns: Erasing the Stigma:

To mitigate the discrimination related to mental health, Colleges, and Universities frequently conduct awareness campaigns, workshops, or seminars in which renowned psychologists or counselors speak to students about various mental health issues and how to deal with them and seek help when necessary.

4. Digital Lifeline: Online Assistance and Apps:

Numerous internet services and mental health apps are available in this day and age. Engineering students should participate in a variety of online applications or workshops that offer information, coping skills, and even virtual counseling services, providing students with flexible and conveniently accessible resources for managing their mental health.

5. Involvement and Understanding of Faculty: A Friendly Environment:

Faculty members have a significant impact on the academic environment of their students. College faculty or teachers should assist students in resolving their difficulties, whether they are academic or personal in nature. Faculty should establish a nice, supportive environment for students, keep them motivated, and not create any academic stress on them.

Success Stories of Engineering Students Overcoming Mental Health

1. Sarah’s Anxiety Victory:

Sarah, an electrical engineering student, struggled with anxiety throughout her Engineering years. She obtained coping techniques with the help of therapy and a closely connected circle of friends. Despite obstacles, Sarah graduated with honors and continues to prosper in her work.

2. Alex’s Transformation from Depression to Innovation:

Alex, a computer science major, suffered from depression, which impacted his studies. He pursued counseling with the support of a kind professor and discovered a passion for coding as a therapeutic activity. Alex is now a successful software developer who uses his knowledge to mentor others.

3. Elena’s Stress Struggle:

Elena, a civil engineering student, experienced exhaustion as a result of a severe workload. She found balance by prioritizing self-care and getting advice from a career counselor. Elena is now a well-known civil engineer who promotes mental health awareness in the workplace.

4. Vikram’s Story of Courage:

Vikram, a chemical engineering student, dealt with academic pressures as well as peer pressure from his family. He developed effective study habits and stress management after seeking professional assistance. Vikram not only graduated with honors but also went on to earn a Ph.D. and become a mentor for students experiencing similar problems.


At last, the article concentrated on “The Invisible Struggle” of engineering students’ mental health. We may work to create an environment where this Invisible Struggle becomes Visible and students discover the support they need to prosper academically and mentally by accepting the challenges, encouraging open discussion, and implementing supportive measures.

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