Design of FSS based radome wall for airborne radar application

In this paper, a broad band A-sandwich radome wall structure based on band-pass FSS (frequency selective surface) is proposed for an airborne radar applications. The FSS structure having two square conducting rings, which are embedded on either side of core layer. The conventional and proposed FSS based radome wall is analyzed with different incidence angles (0°, 10°, 20° and 30°) for both TE and TM polarization. The radome wall structure consist of a low density Nomex honeycomb core layer sandwiched between two high density Quartz skin layers. The structure shows the percentage impedance bandwidth of 40.8 % in the frequency range from 7.8GHz to 11.8GHz with sharp roll-off characteristics. The proposed novel approach involves high frequency unit cell simulation, which is carried out using EM Simulation Tool. To understand the practical behavior of the proposed structure for radome application the conformal analysis has been also carried out, with respect to different radius. The superior EM performance of the proposed broadband novel radome wall structure makes it suitable for the design of airborne radome.

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