All you need to know about the Government Schemes 2023 ft. Btech and Mtech Students

The Indian government believes that education is very important for the country’s progress, and so it has started a few plans to help students who are studying for B.Tech and M.Tech degrees in India. These plans offer various things like scholarships, money for research, support for new ideas, internships with companies, and advice from experienced people in the industry. The goal of these programs is to help students get the right skills and knowledge so that they can have successful careers.

One of these programs is called the Prime Minister’s Fellowship Scheme for Doctoral Research (PMFSDR). This program supports research projects for PhD students in areas that are important for the country. It gives the students a certain amount of money every month for three years or until they finish their degree, whichever comes first. The program also gives them money for things like lab equipment and travel expenses. This program encourages students to do research in advanced technology at the best colleges and universities in India, which will help the country grow.

Another program that is very helpful for B.Tech and M.Tech students is the STARS (Student Talent Awards Recognition Scheme) program. This program gives awards to engineering students who are doing advanced coursework in their field. The awards can range from 2-3 lakhs, and the program is open to all types of engineering, including management, IT, and mechanical engineering. The awards are given out twice a year through an exam conducted by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

More on Programs

Students who are successful in the STARS program are given a certificate to show their achievement, and they may also have opportunities to find jobs both in India and around the world through partnerships with companies. If you’re an engineering student who wants more support while studying after your B.Tech or M.Tech degree, you can apply for scholarships through institutions like the AICTE and UGC. 

These scholarships provide financial support for students who come from economically disadvantaged or physically challenged backgrounds. For example, the UGC offers the Post Matric Scholarship Scheme, which provides financial support for students from families with an annual income of less than two lakh Rupees per annum who are studying technical courses at the undergraduate or postgraduate level. The scholarship ranges from 5000 Rs to 8000 Rs depending on the course the student has chosen. Similarly, the AICTE Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana provides scholarships and other benefits for unemployed young people who need financial help to get skills training certifications.

To sum up

The government has created schemes that make it easier for students studying B.Tech and M.Tech courses to succeed not only financially, but also by providing access to top mentors, wider learning platforms, and global exposure opportunities after graduation. This helps graduates develop the right skills and attitude to succeed in today’s competitive job market, while also building STEM capabilities in future generations that will shape the nation’s future prospects and outcomes.

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