Power System Reliability Assessment Incorporating CyberAttacks Against Wind Farm Energy Management Systems

An attacker could gain unauthorized access to the energy management system (EMS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system of a wind farm and cause one or more wind turbines to trip by taking advantage of vulnerabilities in cyber components. The efficiency of wind farms may therefore have an effect on the overall power system’s dependability. This paper examines potential cyberattack scenarios targeting cyber components or networks within the architecture of the integrated wind farm SCADA/EMS system. The methods of successful cyberattacks are represented by two Bayesian attack graph models, and a mean time-to-compromise model is employed by taking into account various attack levels and vulnerabilities. The wind farm SCADA/EMS system’s success rates for cyberattacks are estimated. A method for assessing the dependability of the power system is suggested, taking into account wind turbine failures brought on by different cyberattacks. On the basis of a standard IEEE reliability test system, simulations are run. According to the results of the simulation, the frequency and skill level of successful attacks on the SCADA/EMS system of wind farms decrease overall system reliability.

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