Illuminating showdown of meteorites in Portugal left people stunned !

by Engineer's Planet

On Saturday evening, a blue meteor sped across the skies of Spain and Portugal, stunning observers. Dozens of videos from social media sites, notably the microblogging service X, captured the celestial event as the meteor blasted into the atmosphere

Reports of the meteor spanning hundreds of kilometers sparked wonder and speculation among spectators. While initial reports indicated the meteor’s trajectory, the exact landing place remained unknown.

According to CGN, the Civil Protection website issued an alert stating that a meteorite may have fallen near the Castro Daire region of the Viseu district. The unexpected, bright burst of blue light in the sky astounded many. However, many others were concerned about the potential damage. The dazzling light was followed by a distant rumble that disturbed the peace of the night.

According to a CGN report, firefighters were quickly dispatched to the location to prepare for any potential incidents. Despite the lack of official confirmation, the occurrence has sparked widespread curiosity on social media, with many people posting videos and photographs online

What is a meteorite?

Meteorites are space rock particles that can pass through Earth’s atmosphere and land on the ground. Most meteorites come from asteroids, which are stony rocks in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Some originate from comets, which are made up of ice, dust, and stony stuff. Meteorites can occasionally originate on the Moon or Mars.


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