Power Density Optimization of 700 kHz GaN-Based Auxiliary Power Module for Electric Vehicles.

This article proposes a high-power density 1.8 kW auxiliary power module (APM) for electric vehicles (EVs) based on gallium nitride devices. A design procedure for the high-frequency phase-shift full-bridge with current-doubler rectifier using printed circuit board (PCB)-based planar magnetics is proposed. Leakage inductance analysis of the high-frequency pulsewidth-modulation converter is given to achieve both regulation and zero-voltage-switching turn-on. Then, the magnetics optimization procedure for the customized planar core is proposed with a magnetic figure-of-merit concept to meet the high-power density target. Technical considerations are detailed to meet the extreme temperature constraint imposed on the EVs components. Finally, the proposed APM is demonstrated with a switching frequency of 700 kHz and a power density of 8.1 kW/L (132.8 W/in 3 ).

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